Arcane Digital Recording is owned and operated by Ryan Butler, (who's done time playing with the likes of North Side Kings, Structure of Lies, Unruh, Mercitron, Landmine Marathon, etc., and has shared the stage with everyone from Neurosis and Machine Head, to State of Fear and Assuck, to Madball and Agnostic Front, and Immolation and Repulsion) and is a full digital recording, mixing, and mastering facility with high quality analog front ends by Neve, Universal Audio, Avalon, Empirical Labs, Trident, etc.


It's a small facility with affordable rates.We are capable of recording and have worked with every style from: Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Indie, Mariachi, Metal, Reggae, Grindcore, Hardcore, Punk, Acoustic, Industrial, Classical etc. etc.


We have worked with many National, International, and Local acts. So, you can work with someone who generally likes and is familiar with all types of music. We record and edit with the 128 tracks of the latest Pro Tools software onto an extremely fast Mac Pro with dual quad core processing.


Universal Audio PCIe 2 Ultra and Project cardsas well as our TC Electronics Powercore Firewire effects systems give us an almost unending supply of effects and CPU power, as well as many effects by MCDSP, Line 6, Sound Toys, Isotope, FXpansion etc. etc.


PLEASE take booking time seriously. If less than three weeks notice is given for cancellation, you will not be refunded your deposit. Not something I enjoy doing, but I've gotta eat. Would you be super excited if your boss asked you not to come in to work for a week? Yeah, same here. I like to feed myself and my dog and pay bills, and if you back out for the heck of it (death in the family excluded! haha), I just might not get to. PLEASE be ready to rock, change your strings, your drumheads, anything that will make you sound better. I work hard at what I do. You should too and we'll make a great quality recording.