National/ International


Exhumed (Relapse Records), Ghoul (Tankcrimes), GOG (Season of Mist), Phobia (Willowtip Records),The Funeral Pyre (Prosthetic Records),Nightrage (Lifeforce Records), Abigail Williams (Candlelight), Dekapitator (Bay Area, CA [Relapse records, members of Exhumed, Repulsion, Portraits of Past]), Avenger of Blood, Gravehill (Dark Descent/Ibex Moon),Rigg Ross (Madball, The Ragmen etc.),Landmine Marathon (Prosthetic Records),Overcome (Facedown Records), Feed Walrus Defeat (El Paso, TX),NYA (El Paso, TX),Morgion (Relapse), Scarecrow (Members of Exhumed, Machine Head and Death Angel),Sidwell Friends (El Paso, TX),North Side Kings (Thorp/Iscreamrecords),ETTS (Kitchen Vomit Records),Fall of Empyrean (Grau Records),Tower of Power, Misery Index (Nuclear Blast)



Local Bands


The Riveras,Robot Tank,The Liquescent Horror,The Rule, The Law,Godawfulnoise,Lethal Dosage (Tucson),Drinkng Water (Yuma),Halema'uma'u,Reason Unknown,The Father Figures (Ex JFA),Nervosia,1013,Magnum Force,Conscience,H.O.A.,All Out Of Salt,6 Aside,The Lesser Saints,Sex Prisoner (Tucson), Cagematch,Decay of Reason,Condemned (Tucson),Hellhorse (Tucson),Comfort For Change,Bloodspasm (Tucson),The Prosthetics,Rising Pain,Fake Out (Tucson),Broken Bottle Blues Bastards,Reign of Vengeance, Naudhiz, Days of Awe,Rotten Youth,Methra (Tucson),Depraved Heretic,Lago,Godhunter (Tucson),Busted Bearings (Tucson),Sorrower,Sunyata,Do Tremble And Fall Silent,Life In Chains (Tucson),Red Son,Netzeah,Brookhaven Hospital,The Revenge,Foulmouth,It's A Long Story,The OSS,Tomorrow The Stars,Ready Resist,Rusted Satellites (Tucson),Antietam,Pigeon Religion,Gringos Locos,Blood Regime (Tucson),Meathook,John Wayne Jefferson,My Doll,Mursa,Johnny Blood and the Transfusions,ATM,Female Snake (Tucson),Eyes Of The Tempest,Malnurture,Cutting Loose,Continent,Gutta Boiy,Out Of Mortality,Heroes Dead and Gone,Alarm (Tucson),Conflict Within (Yuma),Monday After Midnight,Nueva Liga,Warfair?,El Manbi,He Who Binds Himself (Ex-Vehemence),Vessels,Harvey Keitel (Yuma),Lost In The Sun,Prom Night in Nam,Summary,Butcher Jones,Emilyanne,Pariah (Yuma),Demise Of Hollywood (Yuma),Necrambulant,Altar of Earth (ex-Graves At Sea),Die Ignorant,Conflict Resolution (Get Revenge Records),Never End,Descend,The Sex,Straight On Til Morning,The White Goodman Project,Virgins,Drea Doll,Toad,Drone Throne,No Faith,Existence A.D.,End Begins,Buddha's Magic Eight Ball,Epidemic Decay,Partial List Of The Saved,The Phoenix City Muggers,Speak,Born Into Burial,Snaggletooth,Pranas,Under Marilyn,I Wish I,Get Destroyed,I'd Die For You,Kingdom of Dis,Red Tear Memory,Unholy Monarch,Beg For Life (Yuma),Stagnation,Peon Identity (Yuma),The Clipped Wing Culling,Sjenovik,Mercitron,Roseau,Rapid Fire,Six Million Dead,Drunk On Tuesday,Call The Cops,George Moshington,Kill The Last Hour,XfistfightX,All Fired Up (Prescott),Can I Say,Glean,A Plague Called Man,Vektor,One Thousand Mournings,Enemy Stronghold,Think Fast,Ressurection Mary,Something That Kills People,Value's Here,Andalusha,Sigma,Numbers On Napkins,Conscience,The Father Figures (Ex JFA),Reason Unknown,Rotten Youth,When The Legends Die.