Ryan Butler was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and discovered his love for music early on through the radio and his father's record collection. He began taking guitar lessons and playing in the orchestra (which he did til the end of his school career) in the early 80's, and became a touring musician and recording artist in the early 90's.


Through the years he has toured the world with the likes of Landmine Marathon, North Side Kings, Unruh, Structure of Lies, Lyburnum etc.. He discovered a love for making records in high school and pursued it by doing a years worth of schooling for it after graduation.


After many setbacks and years toiling away on four tracks and working with many local engineers and producers, he opened Arcane Digital Recording in 2004. The studio grew quickly and Ryan has worked with too many locals to count, as well as a great number of nationals and done work for labels such as Facedown, Relapse, Prosthetic, Lifeforce etc...


Ryan is known for his work with metal, punk, and hardcore acts, but excels at (and truly enjoys) working with all styles of music and is well versed in everything from classical music to indie rock.