Pro Tools HD with SSL Converters 24 Ins and Outs

Toft (Trident) ATB 16 Analog Mixing Console

Digidesign Control 24



Focal Twin 6BE monitors

Tannoy PBM 6.5 monitors

Roland's MA-8s monitors

Yamaha HS-80M monitors

Furman HDS-6/HRM-16 Personal monitoring system

Rolls Headphone Distribution amp

Samson Resolv 120a Subwoofer

Presonus central station

Coleman Audio LS3 Line Level Selector


Guitar Amplifiers

VHT Pitbull

Bogner Ecstasy

Bogner Uberschall

EVH 5150 III

Mesa/Boogie Mark IV

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier

Fender Twin Reverb

Fender Super Sonic

Vox AC 15

Roland JC90

Orange Rocker 30

ENGL Powerball

Marshall JCM 800 2205

Krank 4 x12 with Eminence Legends

Marshall 1960 AV modded with Celestion Vintage 30's

Mesa Boogie Rectifier Cab



2 Vintech X73's (Neve replica)

Vintech Dual 1272(Neve replica),

Trident 4T Celebration Channel Strip (Compression, EQ, Preamp)

2 x Avalon 737SP Channel Strip( Compression, EQ, Preamp)

2 x Universal Audio LA 610 (Compression, EQ, Preamp)

2 BAE 312A

2 OSA MP-1

Great River MP500NV

Manley Dual Mono Mic Pre

Focusrite ISA 428

Aphex 207 D

Radial Reamp Box,

Universal Audio LA610

Art Dual MP Tube Preamp,

2 x Rane DMS22 MS1


Outboard Compressors and EQ

Manley Massive Passive Tube Mastering Equalizer

Universal Audio LA2A

Universal Audio 2-1176

2 x Empirical Lab's Distressors

 Smart Research C2 SSL Bus Compressor

2 x Maag EQ4 Equalizers



Line 6 Pod X3 Pro

Alesis D4 Drum Brain

Alesis D5 Drum Brain

2 x Roland RS-10k Triggers

Ddrum Red Truck Triggers Full Set

TC Electronics Firewire

Universal Audio UAD-2

Yamaha MO6 Synthesizer

Full Plug Ins by Waves, SSL, Native Instruments, Isotope, Universal Audio, TC Electronics, McDSP , FXPansion, Izotope etc.


Mic Cabinet Features

Neumann U87

Neumann M149

Royer R121

Blue Baby Bottle

Neumann KSM184 Stereo Pair

4 x Sennheiser MD 421 II

Vintage Sennheiser MD421




5 x Sennheiser e604

2 x Sennheiser e609s

Sennheiser e602

Sennheiser e902

2 x Sennheiser 614

Cascade Audio Fathead 2

Yamaha Subkick

2 x AKG C431

4 x Shure SM57

2 x Shure Beta 57A

Shure SM7B

Audix i-5

2 x Shure SM 81

2 x AKG C214s

Beyer Opus 88

Audix D6


Other effects and gear provided by Tascam, Roland/Boss, DOD, BBE, Rolls, Yamaha MO6 Synthesizer, Roland GT 3, Line 6 Pod X3 Pro countless pedals, Alesis D4 and DM5 drum modules and full set of Ddrum red truck triggers as well as sound replacement.


Tascam cassette deck